Based in Iqaluit, Nunavut, Mahaha Comedy features the funniest entertainment north of 60.  Mahaha Comedy shows are 100% locally produced. At a Mahaha Comedy show you can expect to see the best local talent. Mahaha has also hosted some of Canada’s top comedians.

What is a Mahaha?

The Mahaha is an Inuit mythical being. Witnesses who have survived encounters with the Mahaha report that the creature is so skinny hipster jeans are too big. Mahaha's hair is long and stringy and always has an evil grin. Its slender blue body is cold to the touch and radiates chills into its victims. Mahaha uses its trademark finger nails to paralyze its victims into a laughing fit until they can no longer breath. Victims are reported to have a haunting smile on their face, so at least you will die happy mahahahahahahahaha!

If you hear a giggle carried in the wind while walking on the Arctic tundra, beware for the Mahaha is near.